Leather and linen self-closing bag

If you follow my blog, you know I’ve picked up leatherworking recently. I like it because it’s a lot faster than most woodworking I do and requires fewer tools and little workspace. I’ve worked with fabric a couple of times too, and thought it would be fun to combine the two in a project. It happened to be my brother’s girlfriend Franka’s birthday today, and I’d been thinking of something to give her for a couple of days. Then, last thursday, I thought: “why not make her a nice handbag?” This would be quite an ambitious project, for me at least, but I gave it a go. And it worked! I made it last thursday and gave it to her tonight.

Leather and linen handbang

The bag and lining are made of linen I got from an art store. It’s the cheapest real painting linen you can buy (but still quite expensive at 36 euros per 1×1.5m, luckily I got some extra for free). It’s quite supple but still rugged and strong. The bottom is made of nice supple chrome leather. The strap is cut from thick veg tanned leather. I used rivets to attach the straps, and the bag closes when you pick it up because of the system with the eyelets. I added a little label in the lining that says “for Franka, from Lieuwe and Hanneke”.

Label back Label front

I didn’t take any pictures of the making process for a tutorial, because I mostly based my design on a tutorial by Renske Solkesz. Go take a look, it’s a great tutorial!

Hanneke with the handbag


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