Polar Whittler Puukko with leather sheath

This is my second knife. I didn’t really take pictures of the making process. A lot of it’s the same as with my first knife. Some of it’s new, but I just forgot to take pictures… The knife is based on a Polar Whittler 80 blank, which I ordered from Nordell Knives. I paid about E12,50 for it. The handle is made out of some kind of mystery wood. It’s from a tree that stood in my parent’s neighbour’s yard. It was actually more of a large shrub then a tree. It had no leaves to identify it by (winter) and a smooth bark. I can generally identify most trees, but I have no idea what this was. The wood has a lovely grain, especially quartersawn (or cleft) and it’s quite hard. The pommel and ferrule are made of buffalo horn. The tang goes all the way through the handle, and is riveted to brass cap at the end. The tang is also glued in the handle with the cutler’s resin I used for the first knife. The handle is finished with hand rubbed shellac.

The leather sheath is almost the same as I made for the first knife, so for instructions on how to make it look at that blog post.



Polar Whittler 80 Puukko IMG_3324 IMG_3325


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