A Recycled Leather and Waxed Linen Wallet

A friend of mine asked me to make him a wallet. Requirements: it should be able to hold coins, bills, and 8 cards or so. I made him this wallet out of recycled veg-tanned leather and waxed linen. The outside comes from an old bag that had a lot of water damage. It also supplied the leather for my shoulder bag. I love the patina the leather built up over the years (probably decades, since the bag looked distinctly seventies to me). You can really see it has some good age to it. inside consists of a thin layer of split leather and the waxed linen stitched together. The pocket for the coins runs until the middle of the wallet, where I stitched the two layers together again to stop coins from rolling over to the left side of the wallet. On the left side there is a piece of leather with three slits to put the three most frequently used cards in. The rest of the cards go behind the piece of leather. The black stitching is done by machine, the white is waxed linen thread that is hand stitched for greater strength. The inside slopes slightly to the right so it is easier to get your bills out. All corners were beveled and burnished with saddle soap and linen. I really love this method, much faster than gum tragacanth and a wood burnisher. The saddle soap I currently use also gives the leather a lovely smell.


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