Waxed Linen Case

A friend of mine is just starting out as a hairdresser. She had this transparent plastic case for the holster she carries her combs and scissors in (there must be an official term for that thing…). The plastic case was falling apart, so I made her this waxed linen case for her birthday. The red part is the same linen the bottom, dyed red with Dylon dye and waxed with my homemade Greenland Wax. The bottom isn’t waxed, neither is the cotton lining. The lining is stitched to the bottom so it won’t turn inside out when you pull out the holster. Most of the construction is the same as this tote bag I made, except for the lining and the zipper. The lining is top-stitched in together with the zipper. The corners of the zipper are hand-stitched to make the whole thing extra bomb-proof.


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